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Portsmouth Virginia Real Estate Agents

Welcome to Portsmouth real estate agent listings, your source for the most comprehensive and up-to-date real estate agents in Portsmouth Virginia. There are currently 299 agents in Portsmouth, VA.

If you are looking for more than just real estate agents in the Portsmouth, VA area, check out our Portsmouth Real Estate guide where you can find more resources such as mortgage lenders, foreclosures, hud homes and more.

Name Address Phone
Housing Opportunities Made Eql355 Crawford St # 520, Portsmouth, VA(757) 215-0321
Prudential Towne Realty717 Boush St, Norfolk, VA(757) 217-4200
Harbor Heights123 College Pl, Norfolk, VA(757) 222-6293
Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors1818 Monticello Ave, Norfolk, VA(757) 227-9800
Peaceful Village Apartments3001 Welcome Rd, Chesapeake, VA(757) 233-6728
Real Estate Professionals5405 Larkspur Rd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 271-2776
New Image Real Estate3206 High St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 271-5611
Diversified Logistics Fundamentals, Inco520 Portsmouth Blvd., Portsmouth, VA(757) 271-5974
Realty Services Parkway150 Boush St, Norfolk, VA(757) 361-9410
Jones Lindsey1603 Barron St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 391-0200
Ducote Real Estate Investors910 Ann St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 391-9007
City Of Portsmouth Real Estate801 Crawford St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 393-8198
Barrick Multi Family Enterprse3403 County St # C, Portsmouth, VA(757) 393-9019
Barrick Tri-City Real Estate3403 County St # C, Portsmouth, VA(757) 393-9100
Properties Lnn Tucker992 Lincoln St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 393-9540
First Providence Realty601 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 393-9600
TA Real Estate2815 Oak St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 397-0311
WT Brown Inc500 London St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 397-3210
Patriot Realty Inc3415 County St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 397-4400
Craig Realty & Appraisals431 County St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 397-4661
Doris E Riley Inc3564 Western Branch Blvd, Portsmouth,(757) 399-0047
Westbury903 South St, Portsmouth, VA(757) 399-1085
Virginia Investment PropertiesSte 802, 355 Crawford St, Portsmouth,(757) 399-2090
Appraisers Of Real Estate Inc46 Afton Pkwy # B, Portsmouth, VA(757) 399-3157
Sweetbriar Development Corporation430 Crawford St # 550, Portsmouth, VA(757) 399-7511
Joyce Smith-Whitaker Realtor147 Crawford Pkwy, Portsmouth, VA(757) 399-8115
Johnny Owens Realty6001 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 405-3526
DW Properties & Development4312 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 405-9688
Accede Realty Inc1709 Parkview Dr, Chesapeake, VA(757) 424-1117
Rose & Womble RealtyLake Forest Dr, Portsmouth, VA(757) 436-3636
Prosperity Realty201 Granby St # 412, Norfolk, VA(757) 440-1668
ReMax Allegence1610 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA(757) 440-1700
CB Richard Ellis1 Commercial Pl # 2, Norfolk, VA(757) 441-4371
Real Estate Web150 W Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA(757) 446-2752
Gregory & Gillespie Realty118 Wyoming Ave, Portsmouth, VA(757) 465-2707
Charlestowne Condo Association1590 Darren Cir, Portsmouth, VA(757) 465-3443
RL Carmichael & Associates3102 Tyre Neck Rd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 465-5600
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc: Weste3933 Portsmouth Blvd # 100A, Chesapea(757) 465-9250
William E Wood & Associates3237 Western Branch Blvd, Chesapeake,(757) 483-0306
Investment Plus Inc18 River Reach Close, Portsmouth, VA(757) 483-3888
John E Wood Realty Incorporated3026 Tyre Neck Rd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 483-5015
Rose & Krueth Realty Corporation5907 W Norfolk Rd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-0000
William H Kline Real Estate5680 Churchland Blvd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-0123
William H Kline Real Estate Inc4524 Winston Rd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-3263
Coldwell Banker3210 Academy Ave, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-4400
Taylor Brothers Realty Co3010 Tyre Neck Rd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-4542
Lawson Realty5699 Craneybrook Ln, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-7440
Royster Realty Property Management4312 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 484-9305
GSH Real Estate CorporationPortsmouth, VA(757) 484-9452
Hearthside Realty Inc46 Afton Pkwy, Portsmouth, VA(757) 487-7710
Home Port Realty5000 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA(757) 488-2533
Prudential Towne Realty2616 Taylor Rd, Chesapeake, VA(757) 488-4600
Perry & Associates Inc4915 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA(757) 489-4929
CB Richard Ellis150 W Main St # 1100, Norfolk, VA(757) 490-3300
Home Vestors Of America999 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA(757) 490-5432
Global Vision Realty LLC3117 Turnpike Rd., Portsmouth, VA(757) 493-2184
Hampton Roads Global Realty1218 Holly Ave, Chesapeake, VA(757) 494-1393
Riddle Robert L Realtor530 Woodlake Cir # 100, Chesapeake, V(757) 523-1900
Wright Co273 Granby St, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-1360
Cooper Realty555 E Main St # 1100, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-2768
Allcharge427 Granby St, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-4444
Century 214100 Granby St, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-4733
Councill J C-Century 21 RL Est4100 Granby St, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-4737
Global Real Estate Investment208 E Plume St # 333, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-6009
Small Shaw Commercial Real Estate208 E Plume St # 204, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-6595
Short Commercial Acquistions500 E Main St, Norfolk, VA(757) 622-9955
Hotel & Club Associates Inc500 E Main St # 601, Norfolk, VA(757) 623-1400
Comfort Realty112 Granby St # 100, Norfolk, VA(757) 623-2361
Nancy Chandler Associates, Realtor701 West 21st Street, Norfolk, VA(757) 623-2382
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc: South2000 Colonial Ave # 13, Norfolk, VA(757) 623-2500
Commercial First Apprsrs LLC101 Granby St, Norfolk, VA(757) 623-2800
Keystone Realty Co273 Granby St # 205, Norfolk, VA(757) 623-5193
Grandbridge Real Estate Capital999 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA(757) 625-8181
H Blount Hunter Retail & Real Estate512 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA(757) 626-0757
Worthy Capital & Development220 W Freemason St, Norfolk, VA(757) 626-1950


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