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Rock Hill South Carolina HUD Homes

Welcome to Rock Hill HUD home listings. Housing and Urban Development owns 458 properties in Rock Hill South Carolina.

Looking to secure financing to buy your next home? Find local lenders who can help provide competitive Rock Hill home loans. Comparing quotes from different lenders can dramatically decrease your home ownership cost.

Check out or Rock Hill Real Estate real estate guide where you can find comprehensive information and resources for all real estate professionals in the Rock Hill, SC area.

Need help finding a HUD home? Speak to a professional Rock Hill, SC realtor who can help you find and qualify for your next house. Every market is different. It is in your best interest to have a local professional on your side.

Address City State Zip County # Units
302 N Confederate Ave Rock Hill SC 29730-4662 York 1
1307 Constitution Blvd Rock Hill SC 29732-3051 York 1
1351 Coronet Ct Rock Hill SC 29730-5564 York 4
515 Cummings St Rock Hill SC 29730-5462 York 1
109 Drake Ct Rock Hill SC 29732-2802 York 1
948 Eastwood Dr Rock Hill SC 29730-4874 York 1
1098 Ebinport Rd Rock Hill SC 29732-3062 York 45
211 Fargo St Rock Hill SC 29732-2807 York 1
810 Finley Rd Rock Hill SC 29730-3467 York 1
211 Garden Way Rock Hill SC 29732-1834 York 8
1041 Glen Arden Dr Rock Hill SC 29730-8509 York 1
519 Gordon Ct Rock Hill SC 29730-4800 York 1
1351 Green St Ext Rock Hill SC 29730-0000 York 4
507 Hampton St Rock Hill SC 29730-4517 York 1
1035 Hearn St Rock Hill SC 29732-2643 York 8
350 Heckle Ct Rock Hill SC 29730-5566 York 4
310 N Jones Ave Rock Hill SC 29730-5431 York 4
110 Keiger St Rock Hill SC 29730-7736 York 2
214 Lister St Rock Hill SC 29732-2812 York 1
1721 Marett Boulevard Ext Rock Hill SC 29732-2040 York 8
1183 Meadowlark Dr Rock Hill SC 29732-7708 York 8
401 Pendleton St Rock Hill SC 29730-4641 York 1
513 Rauch St Rock Hill SC 29730-4348 York 8
122 Rock St Rock Hill SC 29730-5157 York 1
333 Wilhurst Ct Rock Hill SC 29730-4357 York 8
521 S Wilson St Rock Hill SC 29730-4459 York 1
302 Workman St Rock Hill SC 29730-6348 York 2
802 S York Ave Rock Hill SC 29730-3479 York 2



This information has been compiled from multiple public record data sources within the FHA or its contractors. This information, while deemed reliable, is not guaranteed for accuracy. No representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information contained herein is made by or respective contractors or representatives.

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