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Welcome to Thomasville HUD home listings. Housing and Urban Development owns 11,049 properties in Thomasville North Carolina.

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Address City State Zip # Units
1000 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2766 6
1001 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2777 6
1002 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2767 6
1003 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2776 6
1004 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2768 6
1005 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2775 6
1006 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2769 6
1007 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2774 5
1009 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2773 7
1011 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2772 6
1013 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2771 4
1015 Doak Ct Thomasville NC 27360-2770 6
904 Doak St Thomasville NC 27360-2731 0
807 Martin Luther King Dr Thomasville NC 27360-2779 6
809 Martin Luther King Dr Thomasville NC 27360-2780 6
811 Martin Luther King Dr Thomasville NC 27360-2781 6
813 Martin Luther King Dr Thomasville NC 27360-2782 6
815 Martin Luther King Dr Thomasville NC 27360-2783 6
305 Pineywood Rd Thomasville NC 27360-3461 35
This information has been compiled from multiple public record data sources within the FHA or its contractors. This information, while deemed reliable, is not guaranteed for accuracy. No representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information contained herein is made by or respective contractors or representatives.