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Jacksonville North Carolina Real Estate Agents

Welcome to Jacksonville real estate agent listings, your source for the most comprehensive and up-to-date real estate agents in Jacksonville North Carolina. There are currently 100 agents in Jacksonville, NC.

Name Address Phone
Prudential John Koenig RealtorsJacksonville, NC(800) 408-1976
Real Elevator SolutionsJacksonville, NC(866) 550-7325
ReMax Real Estate Solutions300-B Western Blvd., Jacksonville, NC(910) 219-1717
Century 21 American Properties LejeuneChristopher Breen and Amanda Barnum, (910) 221-8540
The Neighborhoods At Holly Ridge2445 Onslow Drive, Jacksonville, NC(910) 232-0037
Swansboro Real Estate-Michael FX Burke2820 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 265-0618
Johnny & Audra Melton300 B Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 265-2608
Coleigh Real Estate199 Country Club Blvd, Jacksonville, (910) 324-8457
Sherry Snyder, Broker Associate, REMAX H1128 Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, N(910) 330-9766
Strader Realty & Property Management824 Gum Branch Rd # F, Jacksonville, (910) 346-1297
Churchill Realty825 Gum Branch Rd # 121, Jacksonville(910) 346-2282
Mc Cauley Rental1213 Davis St, Jacksonville, NC(910) 346-3144
ALLIANCE Real Estate Marketing Group468-A Western Blvd., Jacksonville, NC(910) 346-3699
Star Realty824 Gum Branch Rd # M, Jacksonville, (910) 346-6009
Richard Ray Real Estate3684 Henderson Dr # C, Jacksonville, (910) 346-8218
VIP Realty Group, IncAcross from New River MCAS, 2040 Wilm(910) 346-8308
Red Daugherty Realty472 Western Blvd # E, Jacksonville, N(910) 347-1616
Mann's World Inc1017 Beech Tree Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 347-1681
Doyle Evans Realty Inc2411 N Marine Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 347-1909
Twin Lakes Mobile Home Rentals193 Clayton James Rd, Jacksonville, N(910) 347-3032
Realty Executives-Jacksonville1102 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 347-4100
Hale Realty Services1131 Gould Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 347-4253
Appraisal Of Real EstateJacksonville, NC(910) 347-4426
Jacksonville Board Of Realtors825 Gum Branch Rd # 135, Jacksonville(910) 347-6556
EXIT Realty Sales & Rentals603 New Bridge Street, Jacksonville, (910) 347-6885
Jacksonville Realtors603 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC(910) 347-6886
Coldwell Banker Fountain Realty255 Williamsburg Pkwy, Jacksonville, (910) 353-0510
Century 21 Sweyer208 Silver Hills Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-1228
Hardison Realty Co241 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-3100
Lusk Inc233 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-4403
Coldwell Banker Seacoast Realty200 Valencia Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-5100
Summerlin Appraisals827 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-5556
Padgett Properties204 Brynn Marr Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-5950
Jacksonville Appraisal Co234 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-6868
Premier Properties Of Eastern CarolinaJacksonville, NC(910) 353-7653
Abby Morton & Associates Inc301 Western Blvd # C, Jacksonville, N(910) 353-7755
Morris Appraisals211 Western Blvd # H, Jacksonville, N(910) 353-7877
JR Barnes Realty Inc102 Linda Loop, Jacksonville, NC(910) 353-9375
Coastal Connections Realty413 Chaney Ave, Jacksonville, NC(910) 355-0123
Barbara Canavan Realty & Associates3372 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 355-0397
Abby's Real Estate Sales & RentalsJacksonville, NC(910) 355-9600
Pam Dubrey, REMAX Home Connections1128 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 376-0848
Jeff Thompson2820 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, N(910) 376-4508
Realtor In Jacksonville NC184 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC(910) 381-0251
Amy Ingold1935 Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 381-5157
Jessica R. Edwards-Century 21American Properties South, 2030 Wilmi(910) 382-2412
Rosy Hays1280 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 382-5449
Realty Executive: Magouirk Pat1102 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 389-0532
Heather O'Brien, Broker Associate REMAX 1128 Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, N(910) 389-5663
Linwood Stalls Real Estate301 Western Blvd # C, Jacksonville, N(910) 389-7755
Real Estate201 New Bridge St, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-0900
Sea Coast Realty2445 Onslow Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-1032
Robinson Appraisals410 New Bridge St # 5A, Jacksonville,(910) 455-1447
Real Estate & Property Management472 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-1794
Bob Royster Real Estate & Insurance1512 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-1972
Land Tracts Inc4000 Gum Branch Rd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-1977
Coldwell Banker Fountain Realty255 Williamsburg Parkway, Jacksonvill(910) 455-2977
Realty World Today825 Gum Branch Rd # 112, Jacksonville(910) 455-3200
Southeastern Carolina Realty3257 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-4160
Larue Hambrick Realty918 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-4444
Camp Legeune Realty103 Court St, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-4663
Lyn Matteson2820 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville, N(910) 455-5328
Pollard Enterprises2965 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-5552
Gary R Morton Real Estate165 Weatherington Rd, Jacksonville, N(910) 455-7100
Choice Realty -Gum Branch Office110-C Branchwood Dr., Jacksonville, N(910) 455-7284
CRI Properties829 Gum Branch Rd # A, Jacksonville, (910) 455-7653
Commercial Brokers Unlimited1012 Henderson Dr # A, Jacksonville, (910) 455-7777
Jacksonville VA Loans - VA Mortgage Cent3319 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC(910) 455-8500
Platinum Realty715 Gum Branch Rd # 1, Jacksonville, (910) 455-9101
Ron Tesreau300 B Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 459-2062
Century21 American Properties1280 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 459-9462
Christy Grifaldo With Accent Real Estate825 Gum Branch Road, Suite 128, Jacks(910) 467-3610
Carmen Wilkinson, REMAX Home Connections915 Carolina Forest Blvd., Jacksonvil(910) 467-6635
John Vitt Realty2444 Commerce Rd # 111, Jacksonville,(910) 478-0159
Uriah Bell - Realtor Century 211935 Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville, NC(910) 526-5829


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