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Battle Creek Michigan Real Estate Agents

Welcome to Battle Creek real estate agent listings, your source for the most comprehensive and up-to-date real estate agents in Battle Creek Michigan. There are currently 100 agents in Battle Creek, MI.

If you are looking for more than just real estate agents in the Battle Creek, MI area, check out our Battle Creek Real Estate guide where you can find more resources such as mortgage lenders, foreclosures, hud homes and more.

Name Address Phone
Remax: Haddock Mark317 E Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 209-7094
LLC Ryland David23517 N Uldriks Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 223-7691
Cassie Roberts820 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI(269) 317-9857
Apollo Mortgage131 Columbia Ave E # 208, Battle Cree(269) 441-1252
OMNI Community Credit Union3141 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI(269) 441-1400
Batch Commercial Group246 N 20th St, Springfield, MI(269) 441-2295
Troxel Realty Company LLC720 Capital Avenue SW, Battle Creek, (269) 441-8184
Prudential Preferred Realty820 Capital Ave SW # A, Battle Creek,(269) 565-3311
C21 Homestyle Realty883 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI(269) 660-0033
Superior One Rentals95 Maple Ter, Battle Creek, MI(269) 660-0840
Mortgage Plus Of America Corporation2845 SW Capital Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 660-1800
Signature Real Estate125 W Michigan Ave, Galesburg, MI(269) 665-7446
Baker Land Co701 E Shore Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 721-3334
Augusta Real Estate105 W Jackson St, Augusta, MI(269) 731-4620
Marilyn Jones Realty12518 N Sherman Lake Dr, Augusta, MI(269) 731-5344
Betz Properties2775 W Dickman Rd, Battle Creek, MI(269) 746-1957
Prudential Preferred Realty390 E Maple St, Climax, MI(269) 746-7735
EZ Home Mod2494 SW Capital Avenue, Battle Creek,(269) 753-1100
Tabor Appraisal291 N 20th St, Springfield, MI(269) 781-5825
Keller Williams Realty8175 Creekside Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 788-9100
Prudential Preferred Realty317 Columbia Ave E, Battle Creek, MI(269) 789-0140
Plaza West LLC2245 Columbia Ave W # 121, Battle Cre(269) 961-9960
Proper Investment Realty614 Capital Ave NE # 10, Battle Creek(269) 962-0101
Pine Knoll Apartments115 Pine Knoll Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-0222
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage590 Columbia Ave W # B, Battle Creek,(269) 962-0304
Cherney & Associates Inc25 Michigan Ave W # 315, Battle Creek(269) 962-1047
County Realty110 Knapp Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-1300
Properties Prime Real Estate135 Park Pl, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-2556
Cook & Associates Realtors60 Arbor St, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-3000
Steffel & Steffel332 Columbia Ave E, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-3545
Bedford Manor Apartments100 Bedford Rd, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-3561
Battle Creek Area Association-Realtors214 Capital Ave NE, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-5193
Robbins Gary L2510 Capital Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-5504
Pearse Realty Lance Radebaugh-Realtor131 E Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-6167
Keystone Lake Apartments100 Gethings Cir, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-7588
BC Commercial Sales & Leasing250 Bedford Rd S, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-8154
Gestring Realty398 20th St N, Battle Creek, MI(269) 962-8213
Meisterheim David CBattle Creek, MI(269) 962-9585
Coldwell Banker119 E Columbia Ave # A, Battle Creek,(269) 963-0084
Limewood Apartments572 Limewood Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 963-1151
Creston Management15 Territorial Rd, Battle Creek, MI(269) 963-1172
Real Estate Appraisal Network231 North Wattles Road, Battle Creek,(269) 963-3348
Stauffer Realty1102 Lakeside Dr S, Battle Creek, MI(269) 963-4301
Meisterheim Real Estate Apprsl309 Lakeshore Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 963-5789
Sims Electric466 Main St, Battle Creek, MI(269) 963-7910
Joy Brown Realty Coldwell BankerSte A, 119 Columbia Ave, Battle Creek(269) 964-0463
Griffin Pest Solutions155 1/2 Inn Rd, Battle Creek, MI(269) 964-1400
X-Terminators Inc14 Lyda St, Battle Creek, MI(269) 964-1800
A-1 Appraisal Co104 Edgebrook Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 964-2601
Advance Look Building Inspection732 Community Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 964-9501
Certified Appraisal Services131 Orleans Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 964-9561
Stetler Vanderveer & Associates317 Columbia Ave E, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-0593
Bratcher & Associates207 Columbia Ave W, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-1444
Circle West Realty80 Harriet Ln, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-2197
Top Flite Financial330 Columbia Ave E # B, Battle Creek,(269) 965-2935
Eagles Ridge Apartments801 Tecumseh Rd, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-3613
Oak Park Housing122 Virginia Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-3826
Indigo Financial Group621 Cliff St, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-5490
Sackrider Properties110 Edgebrook Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-5656
Georgetown Estates1975 Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-5736
Bruce Phillips Realtors971 Capital Ave NE, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-5744
Exit Realty698 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI(269) 965-6022
Vandervoort Christ & Fisher: Karre N67 Michigan Ave W # 312, Battle Creek(269) 965-7000
Mc Kay Properties250 Wahwahtaysee Way, Battle Creek, M(269) 965-8800
First Choice Inspection Services, LLC142 Westchester Way, Battle Creek, MI(269) 966-1120
Gracious HomesBattle Creek, MI(269) 966-2947
Kreis Enderle Hudgins & Borsos: Toth1 Michigan Ave W, Battle Creek, MI(269) 966-3000
Specialty Properties International110 Knapp Dr, Battle Creek, MI(269) 966-9096
Village Inn Apartments100 Riverside Dr # B4, Battle Creek, (269) 968-0601
Reece Realty724 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI(269) 968-0755
Walling And Foster Law Firm131 East Columbia Avenue, Battle Cree(269) 968-1101
Wynd Tree Townhouses10 Wyndtree Dr, Springfield, MI(269) 968-1111
Ernest Hoffman Realty1018 Capital Ave NE, Battle Creek, MI(269) 968-2323
Appraisal Services250 Fairfield Ave, Battle Creek, MI(269) 968-3001
Magiera & Associates698 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI(269) 968-5444


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