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Newton Kansas Real Estate Agents

Welcome to Newton real estate agent listings, your source for the most comprehensive and up-to-date real estate agents in Newton Kansas. There are currently 100 agents in Newton, KS.

Name Address Phone
Lincoln Park Apartments406 W 6th St, Newton, KS(316) 281-9226
Lincoln Park Apartments400 W 6th St, Newton, KS(316) 281-9323
Re Max AssociatesSte 150, 500 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 282-1000
Prudential Dinning Beard Realtors616 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 282-2600
Steele Enterprises Of Kansas120 W 6th St # 130, Newton, KS(316) 282-3837
Appraisal Services-Kansas Inc200 E 4th St # B, Newton, KS(316) 283-0017
Sand Creek Development1908 Depot, Newton, KS(316) 283-0333
Fox Meadows Apartments720 W 12th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-0886
South Park Apartments1501 Old Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-0999
ReMax Associates Real Estate500 N Main St # 150, Newton, KS(316) 283-1000
Voran Home Inspections Inc1311 Hillcrest Rd, Newton, KS(316) 283-1072
Turkey Red Village Apartments120 Southport Dr, Newton, KS(316) 283-1257
American General Finance1315 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1270
Coldwell Banker400 S Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1330
Central National Bank626 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1399
Sizemore Burns & Gillmore: Burns Dav121 E 5th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1550
Anderson Appraisal300 W Broadway St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1671
Midland Financial Corporation527 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1700
Residential Mortgage Co715 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-1800
Housecash4you3001 S Kansas Rd, Newton, KS(316) 283-2003
Newton Plaza Apartments300 W 5th St # 1F, Newton, KS(316) 283-2360
First Bank128 E Broadway St, Newton, KS(316) 283-2600
First Bank: Bethel College1216 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-2601
Midwest Land Specialists Inc107 E 6th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-3300
Nye & Nye109 E 7th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-3490
First Bank: South Kansas Branch1404 S Kansas Ave, Newton, KS(316) 283-3700
Bank Of America1225 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-3900
Unruh Realty Co & Insurance912 Glendale Ave, Newton, KS(316) 283-4284
Prudential Dinning Beard: Farnan Lorrain616 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-4470
Old Mill Management Office301 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-4479
Home Inspection Services200 E 4th St # B, Newton, KS(316) 283-4485
Somers Robb & Robb110 E Broadway St, Newton, KS(316) 283-4560
Buy Now Realty & Auction Co501 Washington Rd, Newton, KS(316) 283-4920
Sunset Townhouses Inc1001 Boyd Ave, Newton, KS(316) 283-5191
Brown & Brown111 E 6th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-5280
Elm Street Apartments202 S Elm St, Newton, KS(316) 283-5685
Realty Connections2601 N Anderson Rd, Newton, KS(316) 283-6607
Nickel Appraisal Services431 E 8th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-6690
RWS Investments & PropertyPO Box 98, Newton, KS(316) 283-7272
Boese Management216 N Meridian Rd # 3B, Newton, KS(316) 283-7368
Newton Realty900 N Poplar St # 101, Newton, KS(316) 283-7908
SE Brodhagen Co618 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 283-8441
Midtown Towers115 W 9th St, Newton, KS(316) 283-8500
Wheatland Homes307 W 24th St, North Newton, KS(316) 283-8731
Washburn Realty LLC101 E Broadway St, Newton, KS(316) 283-8884
Kidron Inc500 W Bluestem, Newton, KS(316) 284-2900
Creative Sales LLC1020 S Kansas Ave # 52, Newton, KS(316) 288-4175
Tracee Adams Commercial Real EstateColdwell Banker Commercial, 7309 East(316) 305-8327
Keller Williams Realty-East8200 E Thorn Dr, Wichita, KS(316) 425-2525
JP Weigand Realtor2872 N Ridge Rd, Wichita, KS(316) 518-2224
ReMax Realty Centre Inc3500 N Rock Rd # 100, Wichita, KS(316) 609-1800
Slawson Co2001 N Oak Creek Pkwy, Wichita, KS(316) 613-3750
Insite Real Estate Group8100 E 22nd St N # 2100-4, Wichita, K(316) 618-1100
Classic Real Estate Inc8110 E 32nd St N # 150, Wichita, KS(316) 634-2600
Mike Grbic Team Realtors7309 E 21st St N # 230, Wichita, KS(316) 684-0000
Realty ExecutivesMichael Cheung, 1861 N. Rock Rd. Suit(316) 686-4111
Coldwell Banker7309 E 21st St N # 200, Wichita, KS(316) 686-9700
Realty World Wichita8100 E. 22nd N. bldg 800 suite 102, W(316) 688-0077
ReMax Premier Realty7920 W 21st St N, Wichita, KS(316) 721-2707
Prudential Dinning-Beard, Realtors3531 N Ridge Rd, Wichita, KS(316) 721-9271
Plaza Real Estate Inc8442 W 13th St N # 102, Wichita, KS(316) 722-0030
Realty Executives1956 N Tyler Rd, Wichita, KS(316) 722-1400
Wichita.buyforeclosings.com5159 N. 119th W., Maize, KS(316) 722-2409
Second Regency Inc5085 N Maize Rd, Maize, KS(316) 729-0001
Rider Realtors8910 W Central Park Ct, Wichita, KS(316) 729-4445
Keller Williams Realty8558 W 21st St N # 400, Wichita, KS(316) 729-8500
Sierra Homes11801 E. 77th N., Wichita, KS(316) 744-2929
Saddlebrook Second Edition723 E Rolling View Dr, Park City, KS(316) 755-1379
Realty Executives Hometown216 W Main St, Valley Center, KS(316) 755-9000
Home Review Inspection Services3205 Royer W. Dr., Newton, KS(316) 772-1480
Mc Glachlin Realty525 Meadowbrook Ct, Newton, KS(316) 772-3445
Real Estate Co LLC503 N Commercial Ave, Sedgwick, KS(316) 772-5000
Independent Appraisal Services12445 N Hoover Rd, Sedgwick, KS(316) 772-5181
Real Estate Resources11514 Chartwell Cir, Wichita, KS(316) 773-7877
Buyer's Edge601 N Main St, Newton, KS(316) 804-4664


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